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Corporate Wellness


Acupuncture Israel offers corporate wellness programs geared towards the workplace. We bring acupuncture to employees at medium and large High-Tech offices. Our Auricular Acupuncture treatments help increase employee wellness and productivity, while reducing stress and improving focus and concentration in the workplace.

Acupuncture Happy Hour


Our expert practitioner Daniel Feld L.Ac gives Auricular Acupuncture treatments along with home care recommendations for best results for your employees.


Auriculotherapy has been shown to provide relaxation, stress relief and to alleviate neck and shoulder pain commonly found in High-Tech settings.

The ear is a microsystem which reflects the entire body, and the whole body can be treated through auriculotherapy.


Acupuncture Happy Hour
How does it work
How does it work?


All we need are chairs and a quiet conference room.


US-Licensed Acupuncturist Daniel Feld comes to the office for a 4-hour session. Employees will be seated comfortably and treated while enjoying relaxing music in 20 minutes sessions. Up to three employees can be treated simultaneously, allowing companies to offer this service to a large number of employees. Typically companies provide this service on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


Please contact us with any questions and to request a quote  at 058 756 0882.

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